Todd F., Rankin, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner®

Todd was born in Ottawa and has literally grown up in the financial services industry. Throughout high school, he spent his summer breaks working for the credit union his father managed and later acquired contract positions at various financial institutions and finally at Revenue Canada in the taxation department until 1989. He then joined the financial and retirement planning industry. Since then, Todd has completed the Chartered Financial Planner program and has achieved the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation. Forming Rankin Rice Wealth Management, Todd fulfilled a life-long dream of working independently within the industry that he grew up in and, working in partnership with his long-time business associate, Denise Rice, has given Todd a further opportunity to concentrate on the aspect of the business he enjoys the most – his one-on-one working relationship with each of his clients.

Todd has one very basic philosophy in his practice: he says adamantly, “I value every single client and will only recommend a strategy, service, or product that, given the same set of circumstances, I would use myself”.


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