At Rankin Rice Wealth Management Inc. we believe that holistic financial planning is the key to helping our clients who are nearly retired, newly retired and fully retired to achieve their retirement goals — free from income, estate or tax concerns.

We provide our clients with strategies for retirement savings, retirement cash flow, income tax minimization and estate management. Our process goes above and beyond answering an immediate question or addressing a specific financial need. We believe that our work is not complete until we have a 360⁰ view of the full financial picture and can comfortably ensure that all of the pieces of the puzzle are on the table and assembled in sequence.

We approach our work, our clients and our team members with courtesy, diligence and professional enthusiasm. Our team’s collective business goal is to ensure that each client feels enveloped in a cloak of security when it comes to money matters — enjoying the peace of mind that 360⁰ financial advice can offer to their family and their future.





We begin with an in-depth detailed audit of your current finances. By determining your unique goals, we construct a customized plan based on your needs and targeted objectives. Together, we will work to unearth more efficient opportunities for growth, and provide a well mapped out plan for achieving the goals of your future.



The main objective of our investment planning services is to help you meet your financial goals while minimizing risk. We recognize that no two individuals, goals or situations are identical. We will work to construct a customized portfolio tailored to your goals and needs. We are strong believers in multiple investment strategies. We design our targeted portfolios to include both actively managed and passive investment strategies.



Several points of risk are reviewed in order to identify areas of exposure and determine priorities. We analyze your risks associated with: life, disability, critical illness, long term care, longevity, health, dental and travel medical. The objective is to help you obtain the coverage you need and avoid the coverage you don’t need.



It’s not what you make, it's what you keep. Our goal is simple : we want you to pay less in taxes so that you are able to save more! While building your financial plan, we will use tax strategies to efficiently and effectively save you more and plan for the future. We will consult with a professional accountant and together, we will prepare the best tax strategy for your benefit.


Estate planning is about making sure you pass your legacy on to your loved ones. We discuss with you what your family legacy goals are, and manage an effective estate planning strategy to ensure your wealth ends up where it needs to. Our plan starts with reviewing the contents of your current wills and powers of attorney with an estate lawyer. We help get the conversation started with your children and heirs on discussing your wishes.


After completing all the necessary planning steps required to ensure that you are on the best path, we schedule regular progress reviews to continuously evaluate all areas. Absolutely all elements of your financial plan are consistently managed and monitored by our advisors. Routine follow ups are an important part of keeping you on track and progressing towards your ultimate goals.




Partner & Financial Planner

Born in Ottawa and grew up in the financial services industry - Todd spent his summer breaks working for the credit union his father managed. After several years with CRA and various financial institutions, Todd began his career in financial and retirement planning in 1989. For the past 30 years Todd has specialized in retirement income planning – which includes cash flow, investment, tax and estate planning. Todd has one very basic philosophy in his practice :


“I value every single client and will only recommend a strategy, service, or product that, given the same set of circumstances, I would use myself.”


Partner & Financial Planner

Denise has been helping clients achieve their retirement goals for over 25 years.

Denise earned her Chartered and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1998. Forming Rankin Rice Wealth Management Inc. in 2004 with long-time business associate Todd Rankin has allowed her to continue to apply her holistic approach to financial planning. Denise proudly says:


“I wake up every morning excited to get to the office. I am dedicated to helping others achieve both their financial goals and financial security throughout retirement.”


Financial Planner

Devon developed a passion for the world of finance at a young age, born and raised by financial planners was quick to learn the fundamentals and literacy of finance. After completing his BSc in business at SUNY Geneseo in New York, he went on to earn his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and is a registered Chartered Investment Manager (CIM). Devon provides portfolio and investment strategies to help clients reach their goals. As a member of the millennial generation, he also offers a seasoned perspective on the financial challenges that young people face and can assist with establishing long-term habits for success.

"All of our clients are unique individuals. No two situations are the same which is why I strive to create personalized comprehensive financial plans for all of our clients."


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